Bring Doctor

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The presence of a doctor is needed especially in a remote area.

During Integrated Service Post, the scavenger family in Bantar Gebang can get their health checked. With $50, you are helping to provide a doctor for them. 


Feed Children

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Due to poor hygiene and sanitation, the children of Bantar Gebang are vulnerable to malnutrition.

With $10 you are helping an undernourished child get nutritious food for a month (twice a week) and ensuring them a regular access to the Posyandu through ADRA's Supplementary Feeding Program.



Bring Garden to Family

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In a place where the under-five children are vulnerable to disease, consuming vegetables are the primary options to boost their immune system. 

With $18, you are helping to provide tree seedlings for a family to build their vegetable garden and fulfill the nutrition needs.




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