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Changing Indonesia one Life at the time

  • WASH PROJECT - More than 100 million people have no access to clean water and basic sanitation. No water, no survival. Yet, one’s life is not easy without latrines. "Let’s end water poverty and open defecation behavior, NOW!
  • BAMBOO PROJECT- It's all started with the passion to love nature and save it from any harm. The nature will support you back. The people living at the coastline areas really know how to live in harmony with the nature, which is the WAVE.......
  • INSTINCT PROJECT - Thirty eight per cent of Indonesian under-five children are stunting. Their brain mass or volume is abnormal which will affect their intelligence in the future. "Give me the best of my first 1,000 days of life and I will undoubtedly change the world.
  • SCHOOL FEEDING PROJECT - round 2,000 families or about 5,000 scavengers make their living by searching and sort thorough mountains of waste to find and sell recyclable items at landfill of Bantar Gebang. Almost a thousand of